Wednesday, June 30

Ge honom två läppar som rosor och klöver, och säg honom att hans ensamma nätter är över.

Photography of the Brooklyn Gang, 1950's, by Bruce Davidson.



Tuesday, June 29


Today I've spent a whole day by the pool at Eriksdalsbadet. We got up real early and I just pulled something from out of my closet to put on over my bikini, and found this old dress. I can't even remember when I bought it, it was so long ago, but I always loved the feeling I got when I put it on. So today I'm channeling some kind of urban wood nymph, and don my beloved hat.



Monday, June 28

Varför krossar förälskade varandras hjärtan?

Photography by the talented Marie Hochhaus, check out her work here.



Sunday, June 27


This Midsummer, Kristofer and I had great plans. We packed a huge picnic basket with freshly made pancakes, sandwiches and champagne, and took the bus to our favorite island Reimersholme.

Last year when we sat in this exact same spot, we accidentally popped a bottle of champagne so that the cork almost broke a window, so this time we were very careful.

Super yummie breakfast!

After lying in the grass reading magazines for a couple of hours we walked on over to the little beach on Långholmen.

I took my first dip for the season, it was lovely!

And Kristofer sat in a willow tree and read.

After a while dark coulds crowded the sky, so we decided to go home.

As we walked home, Stockholm became more or less deserted.

We felt so tired after all the walking, champagne, sugar and sunbathing that we had to take a nap.(I love this kind of sleep, the sun-drugged, mellow in-the-middle-of-the-day sleep that only comes with spending a day at the beach.)

A couple of hours later we got started on dinner: ribeye steak with fresh potatoes, and for dessert: chocolate pavlova.

I set the table with loads of white pionies while Kristofer took care of the BBQ (I'm kinda scared of fire).

And after a lovely dinner we had our chocolate pavlova with orange whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It was so good! Also, we both felt very proud because we seldom do this kind of elaborate desserts, and it turned out beautifully. Then we got a bit drunk, got changed and hit the town. It was the best Midsummer's Eve ever.
What did you guys do for Midsummer?



Friday, June 25

Det är flickorna från mon, det är flickorna som vallmoblom och lilja och pion.

Hey y'all, happy Midsummer! Sorry about awfully bad bloging this week, I've been so busy with the apartments and the move and all, thus the boring posts. But! Today it's Midsummer's Eve and Kristofer and I are gonna celebrate (the move, that we got the new apartment, but also that we are very, very much in love). I'm gonna show you all tomorrow, because I will be documenting our day for you guys (I hope you're fairly interested, ha ha). I've got my favorite Lolita-outfit on, and now we're taking the bus to one of our favorite spots in Stockholm, to have a champagne breakfast. Later, sweetums!



Wednesday, June 23

Kärleksbrev ifrån ett dockskåp.

Beautiful photography by Eugenio Recuenco.



Tuesday, June 22



Monday, June 21

Brevid mitt namn står ett namn till.

Today has, this far, been a really great day! This morning I had another photoshoot for Cinema, a Swedish movie magazine, and I'm feeling really happy with the result so far. After the photoshoot I ran all over town to sign some more papers at the bank (butterflies in my belly every time). Now, after meetings, e-mails and loads of phone calls, I'm gonna start putting all of our stuff into boxes. Were not moving yet, but a photographer is coming over in a couple of days to photograph Kristofer's apartment so we can put it up for sale. The photo above is from when I brought all my stuff over here and moved in last October (look how short my hair was!), and in a way it feels like it was yesterday. Now: pack pack pack!



Sunday, June 20

Mitt hem är där mitt hjärta bor.

Kristofer holding on to my toes.

A couple of weeks ago, Kristofer and I decided that it was time for us to sell our apartments and buy a home together. It was scary, but also very exciting. This past Friday we signed the papers, and soon we'll be moving in to our new beautiful apartment (on the fourth floor, with an amazing balcony!). It feels weird to say goodbye to my old home, which is such a big part of me and who I am. But mostly, it feels so right. I can't wait to show you guys our new home!



Friday, June 18

Du och jag är likadana, Darien. Vi är smarta nog att inte gå på den äldsta historien som finns: den om kärlek.

When we got stuck on the plane back to Stockholm last Sunday, I watched Wall Street to pass the time. It must've made an impact on me because today I woke up with this sudden urge to channel Gordon Gekko. I love Wall Street, because it really encapsules that feel of the go-go 80's. Or, rather, I just love 80's movies. Which one is your favorite?

Those shoes are the ones I bought in New York, by the way. Oh, how I've longed for a pair of patent brouges. Now they're my babies!



Thursday, June 17

Dolores Dolly Lo.

Film still from Lolita.



Wednesday, June 16


The last day in New York we were a little hung over and tired because the night before, we had been out doing this:

The bar we went to is called Painkiller. It's one of those bars/clubs that you would walk right past in the street, because it's hidden behind a big anonymous door, if you didn't know it was there.

After some beer we ordered two Zombies. A Zombie is a concoction of whisky, absinth and other dangerous liquids. It really knocked our socks off!

Kristofer seemed to like it.

And it made me act very silly.

The next day we took a walk around our neighbourhood to say goodbye to it before we left.

Bye bye blue house!

We sat down to have some breakfast at a little diner across the street from this place in Little Italy. I had coffe, some lemonade and a cheesemelt with provolone on Italian bread. It was very yum!

And then we did some last minute browsing, and bought two real nice tees for Kristofer.

I really like this store on Lafayette St. I can't remember it's name though, but it sold awesome stuff, like this:

Then we walked home, took our bags and got in a taxi. It all felt very sad and I still miss it soo much. When were driving through Williamsburg Kristofer held my hand and told me about all the great things we are gonna do this summer, like having picnics and riding our bikes and swimming and going to Fårö. And whenever I miss it all too much I think about that, and I feel better again.



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