Monday, May 31


Me climbing one of the apple trees yesterday after grandpa's birthday party. (Oh, and he really loved the present, I think!) Now, I'm gonna watch Atonement and eat som fresh strawberries. I hope your evening will be lovely.



Sunday, May 30

De byggde bryggor av trä, de skulle leda dem till oändligheten.

A little beach mom and I passed yesterday on our morning walk.



Saturday, May 29

Han kallar mig Mary-Jane Parker.

I usually go to a salon to dye my hair, but last time me and my hairdresser agreed that I should try to dye it myself inbetween appointments because red color washes out really quickly. So yesterday I bought some dye and tried doing it myself, for the first time in my life. It was very scary, and kinda hard, but at least it turned out even. Unfortunately it's way too dark red, and not as orange as I'm used to, but it's gonna look great when I've washed it a couple of times I think. Right now I'm torn between liking it and thinking it looks really bad. What do you guys think?



Karusellkärlek; kärleks tills man kräks.

So yesterday after arriving to Jönköping where my mom lives, we went for a walk around town. There's a big market here this weekend, and the old carneval (that use to come to town when I was a kid too) was here. The rain was drizzling down and the air was thick with buttery popcorn smell and children's shrieks and I remembered all those nights when I was 13 or 14 and we'd stay out really late going on the rides over and over again until we threw up all over our platform sandals. Oh, the good old days! Don't you just love that special sadness that only carnevals can possess?



Friday, May 28

Jag seglar det här skeppet själv.

Photography by Tim Walker for Vogue UK 2004.

While writing this I'm on a bus going back to my home town. I'll be there in half an hour, and the journey's been really nice. I love travelling alone, for some reason, and the view travelling through Sweden in the summer is kind of amazing. Also, the whole process of preparing for a journey, the packing, the planning and all that is very exciting and at the same time soothing to me. The best part is, if you're flying, the airport. There's something about airports (Newark excluded) that fascinates me. And whenever I'm flying somewhere I try to be at the airport at least two hours before take-off just to get to walk around inside it's little miniature world. It contains the ultimes feeling of freedom that is very appealing to the drifter in me, I guess.

Oh, now I'm almost there. Later darlings!



Thursday, May 27

Vi två sjutton år.

My grandpa is the most kind and pensive person I know, and he's such a good listener. He doesn't talk much like the rest of my family (we talk ALL THE TIME, really loudly to shout down each other), but when he does say something everybody else goes quiet and listens to what he has to say. He often tells me stories from when he and grandman used to spend their summers at Fårö when they were a young couple, just like Kristofer and I do know. It's become "our thing", our shared memories. On Sunday he turns 80 and I'm going back to my home town to celebrate him. As a birthday present I'm giving him this book with all my favorite photographs from Fårö. I hope it will make him remember the smell of the ocean and the feeling of riding a bike on an empty road next to the person you love. Because he is too old to travel there anymore, I will bring those things to him instead.



Wednesday, May 26


Photography by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for Citizen Kane March 2004.

I really adore these. Partly because Lily is such a great model (and I like her even more after The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), but also because I think this is an example of really good styling. I mean, it's from 2004 but most of the looks still feel relevant today. And, obviously, I love that hat. ;)


Emily aka Hat Girl

Tuesday, May 25

Jag fastnar i en dröm.

Photography by the very talented sisters Toni and Zoe a.k.a. Let's explode.

The rain is pouring down here in Stockholm. It's cold and wet and kind of horrible, but when I look at these photos I get a warm soft summer feeling in the pit of my belly. I look out the window and dream of New York and Coney Island and cotton candy. Thirteen days and counting. How are you guys today, and how's the weather?



Monday, May 24

Jag minns varenda scen ifrån vår film.

This Saturday Kristofer and I decided to go for one of our adventures. The sun was shining from a deep blue sky and the leaves on the trees were an almost artificial green, it was the most dreamy day.

We walked down to Odenplan and bought breakfast for a picnic.

Then we walked over to Vanadislunden, where neither of us had ever been before, and ate our sandwiches in the grass with the most amazing view.

Then on we walked, down to Kungsträdgården which was packed with people selling I love Jesus-caps and singing hymns. We stopped by the fountain to cool off.

In Old Town we went to investigate this hidden square we'd seen in passing a couple of weeks earlier, and it was just as lovely and tranquil as we thought it would be.This is the passage down from main street down to the square.

I'm definately going back there soon, to sit and read by the fountain. After investigating the square we did some errands, like going to the comic book store and stuff. I took a break from photographing...

...until three hours later when we got back home and had some dinner and cherries for dessert.

We changed clothes, and then we were off again, this time to go to the Morrissey birthdaybash club.

I wore my old platform sandals with wooden heels, because they're so comfy and good for dancing.

At the club there was a lot people doing just that.

We had some beer and sat in a corner talking for a while, singing along with the music.

And then I found some of my friends to dance with.

The best day of this year so far. It feels like I've said that before, but this one was just so perfect in every way. I hope your weekend was as wonderful!



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