Monday, June 21

Brevid mitt namn står ett namn till.

Today has, this far, been a really great day! This morning I had another photoshoot for Cinema, a Swedish movie magazine, and I'm feeling really happy with the result so far. After the photoshoot I ran all over town to sign some more papers at the bank (butterflies in my belly every time). Now, after meetings, e-mails and loads of phone calls, I'm gonna start putting all of our stuff into boxes. Were not moving yet, but a photographer is coming over in a couple of days to photograph Kristofer's apartment so we can put it up for sale. The photo above is from when I brought all my stuff over here and moved in last October (look how short my hair was!), and in a way it feels like it was yesterday. Now: pack pack pack!




Vanessa said...

So exciting! Moving is stressful, exciting, sad and wonderful all at once. I'm considering moving next spring and it's too tiring to even THINK about!

Emily said...

vanessa - oh yes! and it's especially stressful because we both own our aparments and have to sell them now! but in the end it's all worth it if you find a good home, i think. ;)

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