Wednesday, March 31

Till sjöss och så vidare.



På skolavslutningen och syrenerna blommade.

Photography by Ceen Wahren and Lina Eidenberg for Ida Sjöstedt Couture.

I'm not really a big fan of Ida Sjöstedt's dresses. Not because they're not incredibly beautiful (they are!) but because they always look so cheap in real life. But these couture ones must be good quality, no? Anyway, I want one. Plus I really like the styling and casting in these photos. Lovely.



Tuesday, March 30

Du säger; har du tändstickor?

Today I've walked, a lot. You might know by now that walking is something I really like. So first Kristofer and I went for a morning walk at 7, and then I walked through town to meet up with Sylvia for some more aimless drinking-coffee-and-making-grand-plans-walking. And it hit me that spring is actually here now, and I got this sudden rush of euphoria. If you haven't lived here it's hard to explain what spring and summer in Stockholm does to a person. It's a feeling of everything being possible, of blue skies and dusty streets and total freedom. Maybe it's just me, I've always been a summer child and a lover of the city. Anyways, I had to make a list of some of the best Swedish spring and summer songs, some of which I haven't heard in years and some that I listen to every day. Here it is, and I'm sorry to all my non-Swedish readers but it's all in Swedish. I hope you might enjoy it anyway: the Det är vår och vi dricker vin på Skinnarviksberget playlist.



Och suga liv ur din halspulsåder.



Monday, March 29

I just organized my closet today and had to take some photos of my vintage negligées. I adore those colors.



Sunday, March 28

I have two passions in life, one obviously being photography and the other being fashion. This is, I guess, not a surprise. Fashion is as much about the way you dress as it is about art and politics and gender and intellect. But first and foremost the word “fashion” is a label that we put on things, like clothes, shoes and hairstyles, to separate these from all the other things that aren’t, at that particular time, viewed as fashionable. My point is, though, that this label is in itself uninteresting, really. What I love about fashion is the aesthetics of it, but also the feeling it conveys.
This has very little to do with what is actually “in” or “out”. It has to do with what you choose to wear out of what is presented to you as a consumer and how it makes you feel (at least I would never wear anything I’m not comfortable in, and I hope that goes for you as well).

As I’ve written before, most often I dress according to which “character” I want to be that day. But I’m also aware of the undeniable fact that the trends I’m exposed to on a daily basis (even the ones I don’t actually register actively, or even like) make an imprint on me. Hence I am now, for example, really looking forward to pulling out my underwear to wear as outerwear as soon as summer is here.

Anyway, my point is this: fashion is, in the end, what you yourself choose to make of it (on a small, local and personal level, that is). I go with my basic taste, and use that to decide what to buy and wear. For example I will always love black, smudged eye makeup and gingham but I would never, under any circumstances, wear a denim skirt (because it wouldn’t feel like me). And in the end personal style and fashion is so much more interesting than being fashionable, I think. Someone, I forget who, said it so well once: always be scandalous but never be boring. Right?



Saturday, March 27

Jag vill ha dig här på riktigt.

Today I wore pants for the first time in years and years. I fell inlove with these slacks and felt they needed to come live with me and be matched with 50's tops.

After putting my pants on we took a long walk.

On our way we stopped at the café Petite France to eat breakfast. They really make the best breakfast in town.

And then we did a lot of errands, like going to a book store to buy a gift for my cousin's new baby. The book store was filled with small metal butterflies.

Kristofer bought an Iphone and we baptised it by taking photos of eachother.

And then we went home.
Now were getting ready to go to one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate my brother's birthday as well as my own. Lovely.



Friday, March 26

Du sa den här staden är för stor för våra hjärtan, och du kan inte säga vart den börjar eller slutar längre.

Today has been great, we've just been walking all over town drinking coffee and talking about boys, beer, life and love. Now, I'm meeting Julia for a girls night out, which is always dangerous with Julia (she's a little crazy).



Om det stämmer att varje fotografi fångar en del av ens själ har jag inte mycket själ kvar att tala om.

WHOA! I just turned my essay in, and it feels so good to be done, especially on a beautiful Friday like today. Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me with the essay, photography for Café Magazine and lots of other stuff. So starting today I'm just gonna coast for the rest of the weekend. Now I'm off to meet my sweet darling Moa who's just come home from travelling through Asia. What are you guys up to today?



Wednesday, March 24

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday, they have made my week!
Right now I feel like I'm succumbing to something sad and gray from sitting inside all day writing this damn home exam. The sky outside my window is a deep blue and all I want is to go out there and just do something fun. So now I will. Later, darlings.



Tuesday, March 23

Jag ser tillbaks på mörka moln som heter ånger sorg och skam. De kanske krossar mig en dag men tills dess var det jag som vann. Version 2.0

The first photo I posted on this blog. This is how beautiful Stockholm was that March, not icy and horrible like it is right now.

And this is what I looked like last April. I can't believe how much my hair has grown! This is actually one of my favorite self-portraits.

One day in April Kristofer, my brother and I had our first BBQ of the year. We drank beer and had hot dogs in the park while trying to keep warm in that first spring sun.

Then Kristofer went to London for an interview and I missed him a lot. So I posted a message to him from our favorite song.

We went for a lot of long walks. I love to walk! One of my favorite ways to hang out with friends is just meeting up, buying coffee and then walking around aimlessly for hours.

So I did, with my darling Sylvia.

And I was, pretty much always, dressed as a sailor that summer. It's funny because I thought I would be really fed up with the navy fashion this spring, but now I'm all about it again.

One day when I came home from work Kristofer surprised me with a picnic down by the docks. We, once again, drank beer and ate hot dogs and watched the boats go by until sundown. It's one of my best memories from 2009.

Another of my favorite memories from that summer was the day we didn't have anything to do. We went walking through town when suddenly a sightseeing bus drove by. So we got on at the next stop and then went for a tour of Stockhollm. It became a day full of adventures I will never forget.

Then we went to Fårö. The days were long, warm and bright, and spent on the beach or hiking with Kristofer and Fredrik.

I went to our local amusement park five times that summer!

In September our friend Caroline threw a birthday bash with a 90's theme. I sported a tiny backpack and platforms.

And then it was time for the Blog Awards. We had drinks at Sylvias place before and ended up dancing the night away at Spy Bar afterwards.

October came and all the trees at the University turned red and orange.

November turned out to be a month of parties parties parties.

We spent Christmas with Kristofer's family on Gotland.

And then Kristofer finally got the tatoo I got him for his 30th birthday. I really adore it.

I dyed my hair the perfect red I wanted, and walked around feeling like Jessica Rabbit for like a week.

I spent February following my friends around with my camera, documenting their every step to brush up on my skills. And I still do, because now it's become a habit.

Sandra at Niotillfem linked my blog and I got a reader boost. I'm happy to find that most of you stayed with me. ♥

I also had a work boost and did a lot of photo shoots. One of my latest was with my darling Cookie.

And here we are, 1 year later. It's been a good, fun and productive year with the blog. Most of you probably don't know that I've actually been an active blogger since 2005, but on other blogs. I started this blog because I wanted to create a forum for my photography, to show my work but also to push myself to be more creative and to evolve. During the year See Emily Play has transformed in to a blog were I also share my inspiration, thoughts, short personal stories and favorite texts, and I'm really happy with it.

Now I want to celebrate by asking you guys, my sweet readers (it's a blog cliché, but you seriously are the best readers a blogger could have!), by asking you: is there anything you wish for? Would you, for example, want to have a Q&A? Or that I tell you more about the photos I post, maybe more photos from my everyday life or of what inspires me? Tell me tell me tell me!



Monday, March 22

Hurra och sånt!

Happy birthday little blog, 1 year!



Inlindad i böcker.

I'm really sorry about the bad updating, but I'm writing another home exam and got my nose buried in a book most of the time this week. It sucks because I really want to have time to take and edit loads of photos to show you guys, but bear with me. Oh, and tomorrow this blog is 1 year old. Then we're gonna celebrate, right?! Be sure to drop by tomorrow. ♥♥♥



Friday, March 19

Yesterday I photographed another event for Café Magazine, this time for the new Gant collection Rugger (which was real preppy and hot, I must say). If you wanna see the photos click here. Excuse the bad photo in this post, I took it in a hurry before leaving for the party. I just wanted to show you guys my new dress that my aunt got me for my birthday which is coming up soon. I'll post better photos later. Now I have to study some more, I have a big exam next week. I hope your Friday is awesome!



Thursday, March 18

Alla människor borde ha en talang. Vilken är din?

Photography by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia March 2010.

Oh my, I adore this. I just want to rub myself againt these, they're s good. Damn.



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