Friday, June 18

Du och jag är likadana, Darien. Vi är smarta nog att inte gå på den äldsta historien som finns: den om kärlek.

When we got stuck on the plane back to Stockholm last Sunday, I watched Wall Street to pass the time. It must've made an impact on me because today I woke up with this sudden urge to channel Gordon Gekko. I love Wall Street, because it really encapsules that feel of the go-go 80's. Or, rather, I just love 80's movies. Which one is your favorite?

Those shoes are the ones I bought in New York, by the way. Oh, how I've longed for a pair of patent brouges. Now they're my babies!




lavelle said...

Oh I love 80s films too!

Back to the future, Labyrinth, Dirty Dancing, Big, Flight of the Navigater, Beetlejuice ... I could go on and on. Me and my boyfriend have a slight obsession for 80s sci-fi horrors with synth soundtracks as well xx

bluerise said...

you´re looking so beautiful on your last´s perfection...and your make up is always so perfect, may you post how you´re doing it?

Hannah said...

I've been lurking around, reading your blog for a pretty long time, and I really love it. All your photos are so lovely.

Labyrinth is my favorite 80s movie hands down. I love it, and I've been watching it since I was about 4 years old.

Oley said...

you are lovely beautiful.

your font is so small, almost unreadable.

Vanessa said...

Such amazing brogues! Where in New York did you find them?

Emily said...

lavelle - hihi, beetlejuice rocks! what sci-fi movies? my favorite is dune, hands down!

bluerise - thank you very much, you make me blush! do you really want a make up editorial? i could do that, but it's really not very special!

hannah - hi! i'm so happy you made yourself known, you little lurker. ;) oh, and labyrinth is awesome.

oley - oh, maybe you should try a different setting on your browser, because it's perfectly readable to me. if that doesn't work, please let me know so i can change my settings.

vanessa - oh, nothing fancy! they're from steve madden, actually. :)

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