Tuesday, November 23

Hey guys, I hope you've found my old blog okay.
I just wanted to let you know that you can now follow my new blog on Bloglovin. Do it here!

All my love.



Monday, November 22

Ner i ljuva livet, upp på taket över staden, under fabriksmolnen.

Okay guys, this is it. Thank you for following me here, you're all SO SO WONDERFUL and I hope you'll follow me to my next blog:


Don't forget to update your links, blog rolls and RSS feeds!!! EDIT: Some of you seem to have a problem with adding the new blog to your RSS, I'm looking in to that now and will let you know how we can fix it in a little while!

Now, let's go!



Saturday, November 20

Hey y'all! I have some news. You know the secret I've been writing about? Well, it's out: I'm moving to this great Swedish fashion magazine, and from Monday on I'll be blogging from there! I just wanted to give you all a heads up, on Monday I'll be posting the link so be sure to update your blog rolls and RSS. This is gonna be so much fun!

Later, sweeties!



Thursday, November 18

Sju små kärlekar.

Because of the way you fuss about your hair.

And the way you let me pat the back of your neck when you return from the hairdresser with a fresh crew cut.

Because of the horrible drinks you mix to make me giggle.

Because you let me follow you around with my camera paparazzo style.

How you get obsessed with weird nerdy stuff. Like different types of birdsong. Or reading as many books as possible in a year.

Because you always have a trick up your sleeve. Always a surprise at your fingertips.

Because you'll be the king of Lost Boy forever.

Happy birthday Kristofer! I love you.


Your Wendy

Du vet vilken dy jag varit i.

These three photos really convey what I feel like doing right now; go for a loong walk and then fall into bed. This morning I turned in the assignment I've been working on, and then met up with Cookie to run all over town fixing stuff for Kristofer's birthday tomorrow. Oh, I love birthdays! The presents, the secrets! I've planned some real good stuff too, I'm sure he'll be happy. Now, I'm gonna collapse on my couch for a little while. Later!



Wednesday, November 17

Enveloperad i böcker.

Oh, I feel so distant from everything right now. I'm writing my dissertation and my head is swimming with facts and thoughts. My thesis is on how Swedish fashion photography is affected by the state of the business cycle (we're coming out of a recession right now, due to (among other things) the Lehman Brothers liquidation).

On a sunnier note: thank you so much to Jonna and Ida for your awfully kind words.

Now, back to those books. ;)



Tuesday, November 16


Photography by Venetia Scott for Another Magazine (year/issue unknown, but please tell me, if you know).

Gosh, it's been a while since I posted some inspirational editorials! Partly because I've been buried in work, and still is, but also because I haven't really stumbled on to anything I've liked. Until now. This editorial, from 2006 or 2007 I think, is so great. I really love the concept and the styling. Now, all I wanna do is escape from a wintery Sweden to a sunny hot California. Yes please!



Monday, November 15

Man måste dö några gånger innan man kan leva.

The view from our kitchen window yesterday afternoon, through the mist.



Sunday, November 14

Och vi höll aldrig tillbaks eller blev oroliga att tiden skulle ta slut. Vi hoppades alltid att när man vände sig om, skulle en vän finnas kvar där.

Hello! Yesterday I went for a long, wonderfully brisk walk with my darling friend Ingrid, her younger sister and her dog Nils.

It was a great day for a walk, so we met lots of other dogs. I was a little scared that some crazy dog would, like, eat Nils or something. But everything went just fine.

We walked out to the Rosendal Garden Café, one of my favorite places in Stockholm.

The sisters!

I love the calmness of Rosendal (you have to pick your time, though), it's so homey and nice.

But also, which Ingrid pointed out, a little Tim Burton kind of scary. Which, of course, I love. ;)

And I'm a big sucker for green houses. I think they're just so pretty and creepy at the same time.

It was so cosy, and I'm happy that I got to spend some time with Ingrid before she's leaving for London. Bye darlin', have a safe trip!



Saturday, November 13

Men jag tänkte, trots alla drömmar, att du skulle sitta någonstans här bredvid mig.

I'm feeling very girly today, thus I'm donning frilly skirt, lace top and lavender eyeshadow. Now: off on a long walk with a darling girl and her tiny dog.



Friday, November 12

Remember that secret little photoshoot I did last week? It was for Emma Lavelle's wonderful blog, Kisses and Cross Stitches, which turned 2 years this week! She asked me and a whole bunch of great bloggers if we would all contribute with one post on the theme "What I did on my birthday". Today my post will be up, so please go check out my story about a very special birthday.

Happy birthday!



Thursday, November 11

Dumma kanin, tricks är för barn!

Hey everybody! Don't forget to watch Veckans Kanin at 10 p.m. tonight if you're in Sweden. I was in the audience for this taping, and it was so much fun!



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