Sunday, June 27


This Midsummer, Kristofer and I had great plans. We packed a huge picnic basket with freshly made pancakes, sandwiches and champagne, and took the bus to our favorite island Reimersholme.

Last year when we sat in this exact same spot, we accidentally popped a bottle of champagne so that the cork almost broke a window, so this time we were very careful.

Super yummie breakfast!

After lying in the grass reading magazines for a couple of hours we walked on over to the little beach on Långholmen.

I took my first dip for the season, it was lovely!

And Kristofer sat in a willow tree and read.

After a while dark coulds crowded the sky, so we decided to go home.

As we walked home, Stockholm became more or less deserted.

We felt so tired after all the walking, champagne, sugar and sunbathing that we had to take a nap.(I love this kind of sleep, the sun-drugged, mellow in-the-middle-of-the-day sleep that only comes with spending a day at the beach.)

A couple of hours later we got started on dinner: ribeye steak with fresh potatoes, and for dessert: chocolate pavlova.

I set the table with loads of white pionies while Kristofer took care of the BBQ (I'm kinda scared of fire).

And after a lovely dinner we had our chocolate pavlova with orange whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It was so good! Also, we both felt very proud because we seldom do this kind of elaborate desserts, and it turned out beautifully. Then we got a bit drunk, got changed and hit the town. It was the best Midsummer's Eve ever.
What did you guys do for Midsummer?




lavelle said...

sounds lovely!

i want to live where you live emily, it looks magical


Page said...

oh wow everything looks so beautiful!! i love you blog!!
im definitely following you! :)

Lolo said...

I love the shots of the water.
Your photos are magical.

Mats said...

Very nice photos!

Emily said...

lavelle - come visit!

page - <3

lolo & mats - thank you!

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