Thursday, March 18

Alla människor borde ha en talang. Vilken är din?

Photography by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia March 2010.

Oh my, I adore this. I just want to rub myself againt these, they're s good. Damn.




Lolo said...

Oh wow!!!
What a great find!! These are amazing.

Emily said...

I know, aren't they just gorgeous? Like I always say: a good editorial is worth pretty much anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, really, only the models are so skinny that I cannot get Aushwitz out of my mind ever since. Sorry, if I destroyed the feeling. I did not mean to. Really nice shots of wrong persons...

Emily said...

I'm sorry if I've made you uncomfortable. =( I really like these and don't feel that way, but I can relate to the feelings you have, I've felt them too but for other fashion photos. I think it's good that you speak your mind though, and I value your oppinion.

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