Friday, March 26

Om det stämmer att varje fotografi fångar en del av ens själ har jag inte mycket själ kvar att tala om.

WHOA! I just turned my essay in, and it feels so good to be done, especially on a beautiful Friday like today. Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me with the essay, photography for Café Magazine and lots of other stuff. So starting today I'm just gonna coast for the rest of the weekend. Now I'm off to meet my sweet darling Moa who's just come home from travelling through Asia. What are you guys up to today?



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Linda said...

Lucky you who just turned in your exam! My is going to be left in on Monday - in the last minute, as always :)
It also comforts me that you have that beautiful cardigan, I forgot mine in a taxi (don´t know how I managed to...)
And by the way a Q&A would be a very fun thing to do on the blog, as you suggested before! Have a great weekend!

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