Sunday, March 28

I have two passions in life, one obviously being photography and the other being fashion. This is, I guess, not a surprise. Fashion is as much about the way you dress as it is about art and politics and gender and intellect. But first and foremost the word “fashion” is a label that we put on things, like clothes, shoes and hairstyles, to separate these from all the other things that aren’t, at that particular time, viewed as fashionable. My point is, though, that this label is in itself uninteresting, really. What I love about fashion is the aesthetics of it, but also the feeling it conveys.
This has very little to do with what is actually “in” or “out”. It has to do with what you choose to wear out of what is presented to you as a consumer and how it makes you feel (at least I would never wear anything I’m not comfortable in, and I hope that goes for you as well).

As I’ve written before, most often I dress according to which “character” I want to be that day. But I’m also aware of the undeniable fact that the trends I’m exposed to on a daily basis (even the ones I don’t actually register actively, or even like) make an imprint on me. Hence I am now, for example, really looking forward to pulling out my underwear to wear as outerwear as soon as summer is here.

Anyway, my point is this: fashion is, in the end, what you yourself choose to make of it (on a small, local and personal level, that is). I go with my basic taste, and use that to decide what to buy and wear. For example I will always love black, smudged eye makeup and gingham but I would never, under any circumstances, wear a denim skirt (because it wouldn’t feel like me). And in the end personal style and fashion is so much more interesting than being fashionable, I think. Someone, I forget who, said it so well once: always be scandalous but never be boring. Right?




HANA said...

I totally agree with this! I love trend-watching and trend-guessing but I will always wear what I feel most comfortable in. The fashionable people who stand out are normally the ones who stay true to what they like and express it within their clothing choices. Whenever I see such a woman walk past, I always envy them their personal style. It is in the way they walk, how they hold themselves and what they wear. I don`t know them, those strangers, but I want to get to know them the pull is that strong.

No one can really resist looking at someone who is so confident and comfortable in their own bodies and clothes.

Emily said...

You said it! I couldn't agree more.

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