Wednesday, March 31

Till sjöss och så vidare.




lily said...

wow emily, so beautiful.
just read what you wrote about fashion recently and totally agree...went from white blond to 'florence and the machine-red' a couple of days ago...still need some time to adjust, but you are such an inspiring person. x x x love lily

Kim said...

Ah, I tried on that top a month ago in H&M. I really regret not buying it - it looks so lovely in these pictures! xx

Emily said...

Lily - I'm so happy you liked the text! I didn't know wether to publish it or not, but then I just thought the better of it and did it anyways, and I'm happy I did. Oh, and the hair color takes some time getting used to, but you're gonna love it eventually, promise.

Kim - That's so funny. I tried it on a month ago too, thought I couldn't afford it and didn't buy it. But last Saturday I found this lonely blouse hangin' by itself on a clothes rack and thought: it's fate, I have to buy it now! So I did. ;)

lily said...

ok, I will trust you with that...I'll give it some time. we have to meet up for tea and a walk when I'm in stockholm this summer. let me know whenever you are in berlin and I will give you a little walking glad I found your blog, love it. ♥

Patrik Petersson said...

Jättefint =D

Emily said...

ooo, tea and a walk sounds great! let me know when you're coming, I'll give you a tour. ;)

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