Tuesday, March 30

Du säger; har du tändstickor?

Today I've walked, a lot. You might know by now that walking is something I really like. So first Kristofer and I went for a morning walk at 7, and then I walked through town to meet up with Sylvia for some more aimless drinking-coffee-and-making-grand-plans-walking. And it hit me that spring is actually here now, and I got this sudden rush of euphoria. If you haven't lived here it's hard to explain what spring and summer in Stockholm does to a person. It's a feeling of everything being possible, of blue skies and dusty streets and total freedom. Maybe it's just me, I've always been a summer child and a lover of the city. Anyways, I had to make a list of some of the best Swedish spring and summer songs, some of which I haven't heard in years and some that I listen to every day. Here it is, and I'm sorry to all my non-Swedish readers but it's all in Swedish. I hope you might enjoy it anyway: the Det är vår och vi dricker vin på Skinnarviksberget playlist.




Lolo said...

Beautiful photos as all ways.
I'm also a fan of walking. My favourite place to have a good walk about is Amsterdam. There's so much to see there.


Emily said...

I know, so much easier to talk, some how. ;) NY is my favorite walking town, except for Stockholm.

Ida said...

Vart kan man hitta den fantastiska Penguin books tygväskan? Så sabla fin.

Emily said...

Är osäker på just den rosa, men jag vet att de har Penguinväskorna på Paptercut på Krukmakargatan här I Stockholm. Annars finns det säkert att köpa på nätet! ;)

Anna W said...

finns även på utvalt, en liten butik som ligger i backen upp mot södra teatern (hökens gata?)... där köpte jag min! dyr som snor, men vad fan... ;-)

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