Friday, March 26

Du sa den här staden är för stor för våra hjärtan, och du kan inte säga vart den börjar eller slutar längre.

Today has been great, we've just been walking all over town drinking coffee and talking about boys, beer, life and love. Now, I'm meeting Julia for a girls night out, which is always dangerous with Julia (she's a little crazy).




Nyrha said...

I just found your blog and you have some really beautifull pictures!

Hannah said...

Hey, your pictures are great. What camera do you use for the pictures on this post?

Lolo said...

I love the first shot!
I also had a crazy girls night out on wednesday. Tequila was involved and I ended up calling in sick to work on thursday! Oopsie.

Emily said...

Nyrha - Welcome darling! <3

Hannah - It's my usual, a Canon eos 400D. The rest is editing.

Lolo - Haha, we had tequila too (lots!), and gosh was I tired yesterday. ;) The first shot is my favorite too.

fanny said...

åh fina moa!
det ska bli fint att träffa henne och dig på din tillställning!(nästan 100 på att jag kan komma nu!)

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