Wednesday, November 17

Enveloperad i böcker.

Oh, I feel so distant from everything right now. I'm writing my dissertation and my head is swimming with facts and thoughts. My thesis is on how Swedish fashion photography is affected by the state of the business cycle (we're coming out of a recession right now, due to (among other things) the Lehman Brothers liquidation).

On a sunnier note: thank you so much to Jonna and Ida for your awfully kind words.

Now, back to those books. ;)




Ellen said...

Hej Emily!
Fin blogg. Jag undrar hur du får bilderna så där "glittriga"?

Kristoffer said...

Why don't you write in English?

Emily said...

Ellen - Hej hej! Det är bokeh-lager som jag lägger på i Photoshop. :)

Kristoffer - I'm not sure what you mean, could you elaborate please?

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