Sunday, November 14

Och vi höll aldrig tillbaks eller blev oroliga att tiden skulle ta slut. Vi hoppades alltid att när man vände sig om, skulle en vän finnas kvar där.

Hello! Yesterday I went for a long, wonderfully brisk walk with my darling friend Ingrid, her younger sister and her dog Nils.

It was a great day for a walk, so we met lots of other dogs. I was a little scared that some crazy dog would, like, eat Nils or something. But everything went just fine.

We walked out to the Rosendal Garden Café, one of my favorite places in Stockholm.

The sisters!

I love the calmness of Rosendal (you have to pick your time, though), it's so homey and nice.

But also, which Ingrid pointed out, a little Tim Burton kind of scary. Which, of course, I love. ;)

And I'm a big sucker for green houses. I think they're just so pretty and creepy at the same time.

It was so cosy, and I'm happy that I got to spend some time with Ingrid before she's leaving for London. Bye darlin', have a safe trip!




lavelle said...

This place looks amazing! x

Lisa said...

underbara bilder och söta hundar!

Emily said...

Lavelle - It is! It's an ecological garden where you can buy their home baked bread, pick flowers on their fields and oh, they serve the most amazing cookies. If you ever come to Stockholm, you should really go there.

Lisa - Tack, hjärtat!

lavelle said...

It sounds fabulous!

Reading your blog makes me want to visit Stockholm more every day


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