Tuesday, November 16


Photography by Venetia Scott for Another Magazine (year/issue unknown, but please tell me, if you know).

Gosh, it's been a while since I posted some inspirational editorials! Partly because I've been buried in work, and still is, but also because I haven't really stumbled on to anything I've liked. Until now. This editorial, from 2006 or 2007 I think, is so great. I really love the concept and the styling. Now, all I wanna do is escape from a wintery Sweden to a sunny hot California. Yes please!




Malin said...

Åh, jag blir alldeles svag i benen av första bilden! Vilket typsnitt, vilket utförande, vilka bokstäver! Jag är en nörd. Åh.

lavelle said...

I absolutely love this! Especially the 1st and 7th shots xx

Emily said...

Malin - Underbart, älskar nördighet ju. :)

Lavelle - I know, it's very True Blood, isn't it? ;)

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