Saturday, November 20

Hey y'all! I have some news. You know the secret I've been writing about? Well, it's out: I'm moving to this great Swedish fashion magazine, and from Monday on I'll be blogging from there! I just wanted to give you all a heads up, on Monday I'll be posting the link so be sure to update your blog rolls and RSS. This is gonna be so much fun!

Later, sweeties!




Agnes said...

åh så spännande! ha en fin helg

felicia said...

Åh, men grattis vad roligt! Det är du verkligen förtjänt av! Jag hänger med!

reckless daughter said...

how wonderful! can't wait :)

lavelle said...

That's amazing!


I can't wait to see which one.


ps Your book shelves look amazing on this picture

Malin said...

Åh grattis, så himla kul! Jag följer helt klart med :)

celine said...

aaw im sad, i love your blog the way it is. Your new one is not easy for english readers :(

Emily said...

celine - at the bottom of each post there's a link, "in english" where I blog straight to my enlish readers. isn't that good?

celine said...

of course, i realise that now, i'm sure your new blog home will be just as wonderful, i was just dismayed at first! best of luck with it all!

Emily said...

celine - i get it, i'm not all that big on change either. :) welcome to my new home.

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