Thursday, November 18

Du vet vilken dy jag varit i.

These three photos really convey what I feel like doing right now; go for a loong walk and then fall into bed. This morning I turned in the assignment I've been working on, and then met up with Cookie to run all over town fixing stuff for Kristofer's birthday tomorrow. Oh, I love birthdays! The presents, the secrets! I've planned some real good stuff too, I'm sure he'll be happy. Now, I'm gonna collapse on my couch for a little while. Later!




Isa said...

Lovely photos! Once again :) I'm feeling the same right now... Actually I just came from a long evening walk and now I'm in my bed with my laptop <3

Lisa said...

himla fint!

Infiniteternity said...

Gillar bilderna, speciellt den första!

Astrid said...

Är så glad att jag har hittat din blogg!

kristina said...

åh. vilken fin blogg!

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