Friday, May 28

Jag seglar det här skeppet själv.

Photography by Tim Walker for Vogue UK 2004.

While writing this I'm on a bus going back to my home town. I'll be there in half an hour, and the journey's been really nice. I love travelling alone, for some reason, and the view travelling through Sweden in the summer is kind of amazing. Also, the whole process of preparing for a journey, the packing, the planning and all that is very exciting and at the same time soothing to me. The best part is, if you're flying, the airport. There's something about airports (Newark excluded) that fascinates me. And whenever I'm flying somewhere I try to be at the airport at least two hours before take-off just to get to walk around inside it's little miniature world. It contains the ultimes feeling of freedom that is very appealing to the drifter in me, I guess.

Oh, now I'm almost there. Later darlings!



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lucy said...

lovely photo! lily looks fabulous.

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