Monday, May 24

Jag minns varenda scen ifrån vår film.

This Saturday Kristofer and I decided to go for one of our adventures. The sun was shining from a deep blue sky and the leaves on the trees were an almost artificial green, it was the most dreamy day.

We walked down to Odenplan and bought breakfast for a picnic.

Then we walked over to Vanadislunden, where neither of us had ever been before, and ate our sandwiches in the grass with the most amazing view.

Then on we walked, down to Kungsträdgården which was packed with people selling I love Jesus-caps and singing hymns. We stopped by the fountain to cool off.

In Old Town we went to investigate this hidden square we'd seen in passing a couple of weeks earlier, and it was just as lovely and tranquil as we thought it would be.This is the passage down from main street down to the square.

I'm definately going back there soon, to sit and read by the fountain. After investigating the square we did some errands, like going to the comic book store and stuff. I took a break from photographing...

...until three hours later when we got back home and had some dinner and cherries for dessert.

We changed clothes, and then we were off again, this time to go to the Morrissey birthdaybash club.

I wore my old platform sandals with wooden heels, because they're so comfy and good for dancing.

At the club there was a lot people doing just that.

We had some beer and sat in a corner talking for a while, singing along with the music.

And then I found some of my friends to dance with.

The best day of this year so far. It feels like I've said that before, but this one was just so perfect in every way. I hope your weekend was as wonderful!




fanny said...

åh damn va jag saknar er just nu!

lavelle said...

sounds like a lovely weekend!

i love it when the sun comes out xx

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

wonderful pictures! ♥

Anonymous said...

That is Observatorielunden not Vanadis! Just so you Know..

Anonymous said...

That is Observatorielunden, not Vanadis. Just so you know.. =)

Emily said...

fanny - och vi dig!!! skynda skynda och kom hem!

lavelle - i know, it's the best feeling...

laysa - thank you!

anonymous - nope, it's vanadis, trust me. but thanks anyways. ;)

reckless daughter said...

Looks like a great day!

PS: I love both of those dresses.

Emily said...

reckless daughter - it was, and thanks! ;)

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