Thursday, November 18

Sju små kärlekar.

Because of the way you fuss about your hair.

And the way you let me pat the back of your neck when you return from the hairdresser with a fresh crew cut.

Because of the horrible drinks you mix to make me giggle.

Because you let me follow you around with my camera paparazzo style.

How you get obsessed with weird nerdy stuff. Like different types of birdsong. Or reading as many books as possible in a year.

Because you always have a trick up your sleeve. Always a surprise at your fingertips.

Because you'll be the king of Lost Boy forever.

Happy birthday Kristofer! I love you.


Your Wendy


Malin said...

Åh vad fint! Grattis grattis till Kristofer!

Leigh Jennings said...

so adorable! <3

Elise said...

Aw Emily you're adorable! This brought a twinkle to my eye and a song to my heart, it's such a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Kristofer!

reckless daughter said...

if you have the swedish peter pan, I must have the english version. He is lucky to have such a darling girl :) Happy (late) Birthday to your boy!

lavelle said...

Awh cute!

Happy birthday Kristofer


Anonymous said...

Never too late to say "Happy birthday to you, Kristofer!" What did you guys get up to? (the stuff that's disclosable heh) I was just in New York, thinking of you both knowing you love the place xx

Polly said...

This is so cute xx

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