Sunday, November 7

Är ni med mig, systrar, bröder; dansa för att hjärtat blöder!

So yesterday Sylvia, Jules, Ingrid and I went out to my all time favorite burlesque club, the Hootchy Kootchy Club, and the theme was Dia de Los Muertos. It was so much fun!!!

Sylvia and I always manage to get one shot like this of each-other every time we go out, ha ha.

I felt so beautiful (it is, once again, the Tim Burton kid in me).

The gang! I love this photo.

My darling Ingrid. I called her The Galliano Vision all night.

And everybody's favorite couple, Sylvia and Jules. <3

At the club there were lots of great little shows. So inspiring.

Like this striptease, where the girl danced for her "dead husband" (a skull) and ended the show by pouring his ashes all over herself. Weird, morbid and hilarious. I especially loved the way the painted skeleton hands on her tits instead of wearing pasties.

It was a great night, one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. Thanks for dancing with me, darlings!



P.S. I'm sorry for not answering all your comments, I haven't had time and I want to do it properly. I'll try to do it later today. Thanks for being so sweet. D.S.


Vanessa said...

Great photos! I love the looks on people's faces in the striptease one! Did you do your own makeup or did a friend help you out?

Fanny said...

Vad var det jag sa, vackrast var ni såklart! Jag tror att vi är lite lika i att älska tim burton. Jag satt hemma och ritade igår kväll och det blev verkligen bara obehagliga bilder på djävular, döda personer och deprimerade monster. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, all of you look so great :)

❤Cate❤ said...

Wow it looks like an amazing party and you all look fanstatic xoxo

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

I love these pictures. you all look so cool :)

Emily said...

Vanessa - Haha, I love that too. They all look so completely weirded out! And I did my own make up, I always do. When I was younger I planned on becoming a special effects artist, so I love doing make up like this.

Fanny - Men du var saknad!!! Morgonpromenad snart igen mitt hjärta?

auxpaysdesmervilles, cate and laysa - thank you all soo much! we felt fantastic too! <3

lavelle said...

I love this!I have always wanted to go to a burlesque night and you and your friends all look fabulous! The theme is amazing xx

Lisa said...

haha fantastiska bilder!

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