Saturday, November 6

För jag har sett dina pupiller växer när du är med mig. Du vet inte om det än men det kommer att bli du och jag till slut.




Susa-li said...

I love your shirt <3

Windsoul said...

wonderful. I love your photos

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

I really like these pictures :) <3

Sofia i London said...

kanske... eller så har han poppat E

reckless daughter said...

oh, I love that dress! I tried it on a couple weeks ago bit didn't buy it! You look lovely as ever.

Emily said...

Susa-li - It's a dress, and thank you! :)

Windsoul & Laysa - Thank you! <3

Sofia - Förhoppningsvis inte!

Reckless daughter - I love it too, but I really need to fix the button holes in the front, because they keep opening (as you can see) and that's really annoying.

Lisa said...


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