Wednesday, October 27

Håll min hand, vi tar en promenad.

I'm trying to write my home exam right now, but my mind keeps drifting of to my Diana Mini. (Yes, I daydream of photography!) Here's a few photos from a roll I took this summer and forgot to develop. I still have a lot to learn, and I practice whenever I can. I like these though, especially the double exposures, which has become my favorite thing because of the dreamy punch-drunk result. Lately I've become obsessed with doing Bulb-exposures at night, so yesterday I stood with my little camera and mini tripod in the big intersection a block from my house, trying to time the traffic. I'm very excited to see the results!




Lisafin said...

Lycka till med hemtentan!! :-D

alison said...

Lovely photos, I especially like the last one! I've always been intrigued by multiple really never know how it will come out, and they usually look so magical, like a little dream-world <3

Malin said...

Åh så himla fina foton! Älskar den mjuka känslan de ger :)

❤Cate❤ said...

Love these shots, I really want a Diana Mini I have a Holga and Fisheye already and I love them both, can't wait to see more of your shots xoxo

lavelle said...

These are lovely! I've just sold my Diana Mini but I will never part with my Diana xx

Lisa said...


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