Thursday, October 28

Du får mig att tro, när vi går genom tiden, att allt det bästa inte hänt än.

Darn this horrible horrible day! Today I just want to hide, because the world is being very very rude. I hope it will behave better tomorrow, because I have a really exciting Friday, Saturday and Sunday infront of me. Now, off to my and Kristofer's favorite restaurant to have some creole comfort food.





lavelle said...

Sad to hear you're having such a bad day, I hope it's gotten better since you wrote this!

What are your exciting plans for the weekend?


Ioanna said...

Trevlig helg! Hoppas allt ska bli bättre. :)

felicia said...

Ja usch för den här dagen! Hoppas verkligen du får en superhelg nu. Jag också. Jag är så trött så jag inte vet hur jag är vaken. Kanske jag inte är det. Nu unnar vi oss helg tycker jag!

Emily said...

Lavelle - Oh, I have so much planned! :D I'm going to a Halloween party for one, and on sunday Kristofer and I are gonna celebrate All Saints Day with lighting candles and making pumpkin pie. Can't wait! Do you have any plans for Halloween?

Ioanna - <3

Felicia - Jag hoppas du fick ta sovmorgon idag, hjärtat. Nu håller vi tummarna för att helgen bli precis så bra som vi hoppas.

lavelle said...

I'm not too big on Halloween. I've never really been into dressing up. We're staying in with a few bottles of wine and a huge chicken and leek pie tonight (and a good horror film!) My boyfriend's band have an exciting Halloween gig on Monday though - they're supporting a band called Zombie Zombie who are covering the soundtrack from the film Halloween!
Have a lovely weekend, can't wait to see more photos of your unicorn costume

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