Tuesday, October 26

Fyra fina faktiskt.

Sweet thing Malin forwarded me a little list of four times four questions. Here are my answers:

Four things I’ve done today

+ Chatted with my mom about the best pumpkin pie recipe
+ Stood on my tippy toes to smell the secret smell behind my beloved’s right ear
+ Been laying on our new couch looking out at the sky, which was the exact same gray as the couch
+ Had three cups of tea and three cups of coffee and one cup of Greek yoghurt with honey on top

Four things I long for

+ Going to Fårö, smelling the fall there and the salt in the air and bahing along with the sheep
+ Taking long road trips, bringing coffee and chocolate chip cookies in a basket, driving through nothingness with 90’s pop blasting from the car speakers
+ Having our moving in party with freshly baked Lucia buns, glasses of cold milk and all my friends
+ For a secret project I’m working on to finally, finally go through

Four TV-shows I’m watching

+ Project Runway, go Mondo!
+ Veckans Kanin (Kristofer’s TV show)
+ Gossip Girl, and I already miss Little J...
+ Lite sällskap, the best Swedish reality show right now

Four things I dislike

+ People who doesn’t believe that others can change
+ Customers that are rude or mean to sales clerks
+ Old people that are all alone because their children and grand children don’t care about them enough
+ People that are always set on failure, yours as well as their own

Four people I would like to see answer these questions next

+ Sylvia
+ Lavelle
+ Hannah and Landon
+ Moa



P.S. All photos are, of course, by me. Now I'm off to a release party, and I bid you all a good night! Love. D.S.


Anna W said...

sylvias answers, voila!


lavelle said...

Hello lovely! Hope that you are feeling better? I will answer these questions tomorrow. I've only just had chance to go online today and I'm so sleepy x

Lisa said...

gosiga bilder! :)

Emily said...

Sylvs - <3

Lavelle - I'm fine, sweetie, thanks for asking. Don't worry about the questions, just do them when you feel like it. :)

Lisa - Tack fina!

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