Sunday, August 15

Nattkatter på cykeläventyr.

On our first night at Fårö, we rode our bikes over to Kutens Bensin and the Marilyn Monroe Death Party. It was kinda scary riding our bikes over there, because there are no street lamp on the island, and we didn't have any lights on our rickety old bikes. Which meant travelling through complete and pitch-black darkness. To make it less scary, we sang I am a rock all the way as loud as we could.

The inside of the barn where we danced is covered with old 50's memorabilia, road signs and colored fairy lights.

The barn was very very crowded, so we hung out in the back by the bar drinking beer.

Then we started to dance under one of the disco balls!

I look sooo serious here, but really I was having a blast.

It was a lovely, kind of euphoric, night and a good way to start my vacation.




lavelle said...

Faro seems like such a lovely place! I would love to visit there one day xx

Emily said...

You should! It is a very magical place!

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