Saturday, August 14

Du får mig.

I'M BAACK! I hope your past week was good, mine was awesome. And I have so much to show you guys! Since the weather wasn't all that great during our week at Fårö, we spent less time at the beach and more time going on adventures. It's been so very sweet, oh... I wanna go back! At the same time I'm happy to be home because the upcoming weeks will mean: the big move (!), going back to Fashion Studies at the University, a bunch of fun photo jobs and lots of other exciting stuff. Now I'm gonna get myself dolled up, watch my man run a race and then reunite with some girl friends to go out. Later!




Shukura Li said...

great set of photographs

Emily said...

Thank you!

lisa said...

so fantastic pictures!:)

Emily said...


Pablo Belda Sanchis said...

The last shot with blue ribbon remembers me some Fellini movie. Beautiful color. Congratulations!

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