Sunday, August 15

Doktor Livingstone, förmodar jag?

Since today was my last day of vacation time, it also kinda felt like the last day of summer. So for my last day of summer I guess I was channeling Kathrine Hepburn in The African Queen, sort of.

Now, I'm off to bed with the latest ep of True Blood! Good night sweetums.




lavelle said...

I cant find the latest episode online yet, I'll have a look again tomorrow!
I actually dont know what I'm going to do when this series is over! Have you read the books?

lisa said...


Vanessa said...

I know that summer isn't technically over yet, but these pictures are really making me miss it and my vacation... :-(

Emily said...
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Emily said...

lavelle - i tried to read the first book when it was first translated into swedish, but it was so horrible (partly because of the awful translation, mind you) that i couldn't bear it. i've heard nothing good about the books in either language, but taste is so personal, you know. :) the book didn't remind me in any way of the tv-series though...

vanessa - i know, it sucks, doesn't it? but think of all the good things about the fall! like cosy sweaters, and poetry and the heavy rain.

lavelle said...

I've just read the first two books and you're right, they're not great. The writing is lazy and the only reason I care for the characters is because of the show. However, they may come in handy when series 3 ends and I cannot bear the cliffhanger! xx

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