Friday, August 6


As you might remember, I'm going away for a while. Kristofer left for Fårö a couple of days ago to finish writing his book, and now I'm going to meet him there. I had planned on blogging from the cottage, but decided against it. I really need a vacation, from everything. I'll miss you guys though! I'm going to be away for a week, but when I get back I'm gonna shower you with photos. So until then, have a good week! I know I will. ♥♥♥




lavelle said...

That's wonderful that Kristofer is writing a book!

Have a lovely holiday xx

Petros said...

I'm a sucker for silhouettes, but that last image was truly wonderful.

Laura Nicoll said...

I love the first photo! Incredible. i have just recently started photography and its because of people like you!
i love the title of your blog.


lisa said...

älskar din röda hårfärg! hoppas du är svenska nu bara haha. annars kanske du inte förstår :* puss!

explicit.rex said...

what a beautiful last photo. I know what you mean by needing a vacation! Sometimes I think a break from the internet would be really good for my sanity.

Emily said...

Lavelle - Yep, it will be published in April. I'm very very proud!

Petros - I actually really liked that one too, I think I might have it printed and framed. Thank you!

Laura Nicoll - Wow, that's such and amazing compliment, thank you! I hope you have a great time taking up photography, and don't hesitate to come here and ask me anything if there's anything you need help figuring out. <3

Lisa - Det är jag! :D Tack darling!

Explicit.rex - That's exactly what I mean.

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