Monday, August 30

Du är inte så fin men det är något med dig. Som att komma hem.

I picked myself up off the floor this morning and got to school, with a throbbing head and hoarse throat. An that's how I know for damn sure that autumn is finally here: my annual cold is too! So I made you guys this playlist, to remind y'all (and myself, obviously) that the fall can be so wonderful and hopeful, not just the snivels. I call it Det kommer rök ur våra munnar ("There is smoke coming from our mouths"), and it's compiled of some of my old and new autumn songs. These are song that remind me of:

+ lying on wet grass and leaves on a cold October night, looking up at the stars and holding a hand, saying; "We will remember this for the rest of our lives".
+ walking drunkedly through the streets of a freezing but sunny Copenhagen, laughing our hearts out and stopping to kiss every ten meters.
+ being all alone and feeling endelessly good about it.
+ sitting in the library at the University reading Barthes and looking on as the trees burst into flames of yellow and orange.
+ painting until your wrist hurts and you forget to eat.
+ staying up stupidly late to take long (and freezing) walks just because the person walking next to you is the most amazing being.

Among other things, of course. :) Anyways, I hope you like it too.



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