Tuesday, August 31


Hey guys, sorry for the stale mate.
Today has been one of the worst days in a long time for me, and for Kristofer. It, among other things, involves a stolen bicycle, lost money and real pissy people. I'm both angry and sad, so I'm not feeling very inclined to blog today. Consider this a one-day break, and I'll be back again tomorrow with a better temper and in a good mood!

Until then, fuck all mean people and hurray for all the good ones!




lavelle said...

Awh hope everything's okay when you wake up in the morning

Fuck mean people, I am with you on that!



lottis_lottis said...

yes fuck all mean people and give them as much shit back as u can.
Bless the good ones and give them as much joy as u can.
Lots of love mami

Jenny said...

Fina Emily, ta en paus imorgon också om du behöver. Vi finns kvar.
Kramar och kärlek.

Malin said...

Åh. Pissigt folk är bland det värsta som finns. Jag hoppas din dag blir så himla mycket bättre imorgon!

Kram, Malin

Emily said...

lavelle - it feels so much better today! thanks for your support, darling! xx

mami - you get all my joy! <3

jenny - tack fina fina, det var precis vad jag behövde höra.

malin - ja, idag känns mycket bättre och mer hoppfullt. tack!

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