Tuesday, August 17

Jag samlar drömmar i fickan.

On our second day at Fårö, we took our bikes and went on an adventure to the English Cemetary, where tweny English soldiers were buried in 1854.

We bicycled through the woods, occasionally stopping by a lake to cool off.

Hey guys!

The sun came out for a little while, like a tiny white marble at the bottom of a pool of water.

The cemetary is located in a pasture, and next to it we found this old house. It's called "lammgift", and it's a house for the sheep to sleep in and for storing straw. This kind of houses you see all over the island, and they always makes me think of the Shire in Lord of the Rings.

The actual cemetary is just one big tombstone. Someone had left a rose for the soldiers on top of it.

We walked on down to the beach, which reminded me even more of something out of Lord of the Rings.

For once, the ocean was very calm and quiet.

So we sat down and just talked for a while.


The I ran around and shot lots of detail photos, like this one.

I just stopped to do some writing.

And then storm clouds started to gather at the horizon, so we started back home. When we got there, we baked brownies, played Yatzi and got a little drunk. So, all in all it was a very good adventure.




CJ said...

Det andra kortet är helt fantastiskt, vilka färger!

Fransyskan H said...

Sâ vackert! skrev om Fârö igâr och hamnade sedan här. Uppskattad sammanträffelse.

The travelling fashionista said...

Stunning photographs.

Good job!


Emily said...

CJ - tack! det var så vackert under grenarna där, som en lite koja ungefär.

Fransyska H - Tack! Jag skriver ofta om Fårö, och postar många foton där ifrån, eftersom vi åker dit rätt många gånger om året. :)

The travelling fashionista - Thanks darlin'!

lisa said...

haha nu har jag förstått. du är svensk. jag kan börja kommentera på svenska istället för att vara rädd vad jag ska säga haha. jättevackra bilder! vacker är du också!

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