Tuesday, April 13


A while back, when on one of my many walks, I photographed the space underneath a bridge. I'm really happy with that photo, it's one of my favorites. It gave me this idea of taking a walk through Stockholm later this year, in the summer when it'll be warmer and less crowded, and seek out hidden places to photograph. Or maybe just "hidden" shapes or structures like the two first photos here. These are, to me, timeless scenes and I think that's what I like most about them. What are your thoughts on "abstract" photography like this?




Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oh, Emily. Sigh. Such nice compositions you make! The first shot is excellent, love the composition of that one. The second shot, also is beautiful and more subtle than the first, and the third straight-up makes me jealous of your beautiful country. :)

Emily said...

Thank you Miss Smog! The house in the last photo is one of my favorites in my neighbourhood.

the unholy two said...

great shots. you shoul do that walk in summer

Nyrha said...

I love those pictures! Beautiful

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