Wednesday, April 14

I just wanted to show you guys some of the pretty birthday presents my friends gave to me at my Russian party...

+ A little bambi stamp in a tiny tiny frame.

+ A crazy pair of sunglasses and lots of nail polish in candy colors.

+ A really pretty bambi drawing and loads of candy in cute little boxes. I gave the one's in the heart shaped box to Kristofer because, well, he really is a pretty damn good kisser actually.

+ Another bambi! The other bambis in my collection were very happy to get yet another friend.

Thank you to all my darling friends for presents, phone calls and texts. You're the best people a girl could ever know!




Kim said...

Awh! You have the best friends haha. I love the Bambi stamp in the tiny frame!

Miss Soggy Smog said...

OH my gosh!!! Your friends know you so well to gift you with so many adorable tiny Bambis!!!!! These are so so so cute.

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