Monday, March 15

Det man inte ser.

This weekend I've been free and spending some time with my most darling people. My Friday was all about hanging out with Sylvia and my Saturday I spent photographing Cookie, after which we made delicious tapas and got drunk in front of Sing Star. And yesterday Kristofer and I took a long three hour walk across town to look at this exhibition. I've taken so many photos the last couple of days I don't even remember half of them, but these (from our long walk) were some of my favorites. I hope you've all had a great weekend! Now I'm off to the library.




anaïs said...

Amazing shots. You are such a talent.

Emily said...

Thanks hun! ;)

Kim said...

The first shot is absolutely perfect! I can imagine this was exactly what the architect had in mind when he designed this building (:

Emily said...

That's the house on the other side of my street. It faces my windows and blocks the view, but still I'm kinda happy because on clear days like this one I have my own personal reflection of the sky right outside.

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