Saturday, March 27

Jag vill ha dig här på riktigt.

Today I wore pants for the first time in years and years. I fell inlove with these slacks and felt they needed to come live with me and be matched with 50's tops.

After putting my pants on we took a long walk.

On our way we stopped at the café Petite France to eat breakfast. They really make the best breakfast in town.

And then we did a lot of errands, like going to a book store to buy a gift for my cousin's new baby. The book store was filled with small metal butterflies.

Kristofer bought an Iphone and we baptised it by taking photos of eachother.

And then we went home.
Now were getting ready to go to one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate my brother's birthday as well as my own. Lovely.




the unholy two said...

a perfect day

the unholy two said...

and some good shots, of course

lavelle said...

You need to get the Holga app for the iphone - i think that you will love it! I want one just for that application!

I never ever wear trousers, neither. These ones are super cute though!


Jenny said...

Grattis på födelsedagen, i förskott eller efterskott :)
Förresten, jag är ganska omogen ibland och började fnissa när du skrivit pants. Här i England betyder pants trosor eller kalsonger, och trousers byxor. Så jag fnissade lite åt det. I vilket fall så var det väldans fina byxor.

Nyrha said...

I like your style. Photos are awesome, again

Emily said...

jenny - haha, så går det när jag ska skriva ett inlägg snabbt. ;D nu när du sa det började jag också fnissa, så himla knäpp effekt fick det. oh well!

lavelle - i know, i've seen it, it seems awesome. and I really want and Iphone too know, it's so much fun! *brainwashed*

miri said...

nämen, grattis på födelsedagen!

Emily said...

nä, först på torsdag fyller jag år. ;) men tack iallefall!

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy those pants? I'm searching for a long time for pants like these....
They suit you very well by the way!!

Emily said...

I've been searching too, I was so happy when I found them! I bought them in a Swedish budget store called Gina Tricot. Google it, they have an online shop too, but I don't know where they ship to. Thanks darling! ;)

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