Wednesday, March 17

Jag ska aldrig någonsin växa upp.

The museum we went to the other day feature an exhibition of antique Swedish dollhouses. I've seen them loads of times because when I studied fashion I wrote my thesis on a garment exhibited in this museum. Yet the first thing I said when we got there last Sunday was "Please can we go see the doll houses?". They're just so weird and creepy and pretty.

Oh, and today Lavelle, the girl behind Kisses and Cross Stitches, is launching her new photo blog and I'm a featured photographer! Check out the other awesome photographers and read the interview with me on Fanciful Photography.




lavelle said...

Thanks for the link! And for participating and answering my questions :)

Those dollshouses are lovely. Creepy. But in a good way!


Emily said...

Right back at ya sweetie!

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