Wednesday, March 17

Good things right now:

+ Feeling spring growing from inside my chest.
+ Running as fast as I can to music that makes me want to run even faster.
+ Fresh tulips all over the apartment.
+ Taking the fur collar off my coat.
+ Watching old Hitchcock classics late into the night with Kristofer.
+ Chocolate chip cookies and milk with the world's greatest Mom.

What are your good things right now?




greken said...

To wake up bathing in sunlight and not being able to go out without sunglasses.
Walking for two hours and the only thing making me want to stop being the pain and not the cold.
Having a freshly made smoothie with me to school, sipping from it on the bus, 07.12 in the morning.

Josefine said...

I've just finished a big big big essay.
Two other good things right know is the fantastic sunlight and the cup of coffe i'm holding in my hands as we speak.

Miss Soggy Smog said...

You are so beautiful and those are such such such great things :) Your blog consistently makes me so happy :) :) :)

Emily said...

greken - Gosh, that sounds wonderful.

Josefin - I'm just starting on my next essay. =( But it's gonna be fun to write because it's such a good subject, so I guess it's okay.

Miss Smog - That's so nice to hear, I want to inspire you guys.

lolo said...

- spring!
- photo shoot plans.
- tattoo plans!
- mexican food
- smoothies! yum yum

I've just discovered your blog! I love your photographs, it's very inspirational :)
This is a wonderful self portrait too. It's reminded me that I should have a go at that!

lavelle said...

I like your 'good things'!

My good things are :

listening to bon iver and beach house

the smell of washing straight out of the machine

the hint that spring is on the way, and being able to wear my new denim jacket instead of my winter coat

looking at interior design inspiration online


lottis_lottis said...

I loved the Chocolate Chip Cookies with milk and then a nice walk in the cold chrisp air together with you and Kristofer.
Love mami

Emily said...

Lolo - I'm happy you like my blog, I hope you'll keep visiting me here. Photo shoot plans sounds like a really good thing if you ask me. ;)

Lavelle - Haha, I thought of freshly washed clothes too, I love that smell! And I'm very jealous you're able to wear a jeans jacket outside. I'm still in my winte coat... =(

Mommy - <3 Love you!

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