Tuesday, March 16

Last Friday I went with Sylvia to visit Tiger and have some coffee and pastries. We ate dammsugare* and talked to Tiger's beautiful Devon Rex cats. (The tiny porcelain bambi was a gift from Tiger for me. I was so very happy because I collect them, and this is my smallest one yet!) It was a lovely day. Now I'm off to make my famous lasagna for my mom who's here to visit, and for desert I'm making chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I guess I've never told you this, but I'm obsessed with food and cooking. ♥



*Okay, so get this: dammsugare is a Swedish pastry made from cookie crumbs mixed with arrak and wraped in marzipan which is then dipped in chocolate. Elaborate, I know, but soo good.


PinkBow said...

beautiful photography :) i have the exact same fawn -http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkbow/4346997934/in/set-72157623300698508/

Emily said...

What a coincidence! ;)

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