Sunday, October 17

Photography by Tommy Ton for

I very seldom visit streetstyle blogs anymore, mostly because I think they've all gotten too polished and synthetic these last couple of years. I remember loving to check out Stockholm Streetstyle et al when they first started up, but now it's like they don't even shoot people on the street anymore. I mean; what I liked about street style photography was getting inspiration from others like me, to see what they did with their clothes and style. Now it's all about the models/editors/stylists propped up outside the fashion shows, which makes it less "real" for me I guess. The only street style photographer that still inspire me with his photos is Tommy Ton, because he manages to keep it interesting. I might be imaginging this, but I feel like he cares about what the clothing he's shooting says about the person wearing them, and I like that intimacy. What do you guys think?




intresseklubben said...

vem är tjejen i rosa/gråa/gröna trollhåret? fin ju!

❤Cate❤ said...

I know what you mean about street style blogs they're all begining to look a bit to editorial and polished now.
I love these pictures, one of my fave street style blogs is:
it had a great mix of people and a variety of photography.

Aino said...

I love your blog, you have a very beautiful and inspiring look.

Emily said...

Intresseklubben - Ingen aning, men hon ser fantastisk ut!

Cate - Exactly! Thanks for the tip, I haven't seen this blog before. I'm gonna check it out straight away!

Aino - Wow, thank you very very much. You just made my Sunday. <3

Ginta said...

I totally agree! Besides there are millions of them now.
Yes, Easy Fashion is not bad. I love reading Vanessa Jackman - there is a mix of different people (mostly girls :)) and Vanessa's funny notes and stories. I love when there is a story behind the picture :)

Cassandra Marie said...

That's the girl from Cherry Blossom Girl in the third pic! :) Anyways, have you visited They definitely use real people and it's so interesting seeing everyone's unique styles :)


Anonymous said...

Så enig:) Har sluttet å lese alle streetstyle blogger det siste året, men skal skjekke ut TOmmy Ton for å være sikker ;)

Anonymous said...

Så enig:) Har sluttet å lese alle streetstyle blogger det siste året, men skal skjekke ut TOmmy Ton for å være sikker ;)

lavelle said...

Love these photos - especially white tights/red skirt - I want to copy that look for Christmas!

I know what you mean, most of them are focused on off-duty models now. Its very rare you find a real gem

i quite like street fsn though. There are some 'normal' people on there and some really cute kids whose outfits I want to imitate!

In fact, I am going to whip up a post with some pics from the site right now for you :)


Emily said...

Ginta - Yes, you kinda want the story behind the photo. Or at least you want to be able to make a story up, right?

Cassandra Marie - That's true, streetgeist is nice.

Tommy Ton - Gör det! Jag hoppas du också tycker om hans bilder. :)

Lavelle - Yay, you rocks darlin'!

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