Monday, October 18

Jag är prinsessan Leia på isplaneten.

Oh my gosh. Okay, so I've been wanting to post these all day! My laptop finally broke down today, and now it's dead for real after being sick for a looong while. So now I have to use Kristofer's laptop to blog, which will probably mean fewer entries this coming week. Booo!

Anyways, this was a shoot I did today because I needed to test the light for an upcoming shoot this Wednesday. I was feeling the cyborg-folk-geisha-look today, heehee. I'm really happy with the lighting, anyhow.




lavelle said...



❤Cate❤ said...

So pretty your make-up is perfect xoxo

miri said...

wow. bilderna är verkligen fantastiska!

Elise said...

Squeals!!! The lighting is divine and those aren't easy to colors to pull off, but you, of course, do it well! What is the name of that blue? It's super pop. :)

Lisa said...

Sjukt jäkla fin!!!

Emily said...

Lavelle % Cate - Thank you ever so much, you sweet people! :)

Miri - Tack snyggo!!!

Elise - I mixed the lavender lipstick (and the black one too) by hand from costume make up. I use that stuff a lot for shoots like this. But now I'm getting a little obsessed with lavender lipstick, so I might just have to find one in store. And thank you sweetie!

Lisa - <3

Casee Marie said...

These are so beautiful! You're extremely pretty, and your make-up is flawless. Lovely!

bubble said...

Wow, great pictures! I think black lipstick is always a bit heavy and you have to be careful with it, but these pics prove that it suits you perfectly :)

sofia said...

åh, jag skulle älska en bild bakifrån på frisyren eller en beskrivning på hur du gjorde :)

Ginta said...

I'll repeat - AMAZING!
I'd say Japanese Lolita :)

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

Casee Marie - Thank you!

Bubble - I'm a huge fan of black lipstick, the first one I ever owned was black because I think it's so awesome. Thanks! :)

Sofia - Oh, men det är jättelätt! Bara fläta två flätor och nåla upp dem med hårnålar bakom öronen (sätt hårnålarna i ett kryss så håller flätan sig uppe längre). Klart! :)

Ginta - Yay, thanks!

Johanna Af Apel said...

Du är så fruktansvärt vacker och stylish så jag bara dör lite.

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