Wednesday, October 13

I recently wrote about one of my first style icons, the amazing Wednesday Addams. Lately I've been watching another one of my early style icons in the mornings, namely Fran Fine from The Nanny. I remember watching the first episode and thinking; Wow, that woman looks like New York! (NY being this magical place where my parents went to buy christmas presents for me and my brother. The movie Home alone 2: Lost in New York, one of my favorite 90's movies, might also have had something to do with this weird yet truthful thought. I imagined that everything in NY was bubblegum pink or plaid.) And what is not to love with Miss Fine; she wore a headband, above-the-knee socks, pink Chanel knock off's, plaid mini skirts, leopard print berets. And Mary Tyler-Mooreish hair (that defied gravity) to boot! To my childish fashion sense she was flawless, perfect. And thinking about it just now makes me realise that I'm still very inspired by Fran. She'll be in my heart (and wardrobe, apparently) for ever!



P.S. For more Fran Fine inspiration, check out the awesome blog Should be on the Nanny. D.S.

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felicia said...

Jag älskar också Fran Fine! Tittade alltid på The Nanny när jag var liten, eller ja, tretton sådär, eller hur gammal man nu var på den tiden. Vilken underbar och befriande stil. Fast det fattade jag inte då!

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