Saturday, September 25

Film stills from The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values.

The first ever style icon I ever had was Wednesday Addams. I have a vivid memory of lying on my parents bed (it was one of those nights when my parents were going to a party and we had a babysitter coming over) and watching Lisa Loring play Wednesday Addams in the tv series from -64. I was spellbound. Later, when I first saw Christina Ricci playing Wednesday so perfectly, I just wanted to be her. I mean she was smart, sassy, ironic and beautiful, how could you not? Wednesday also launched, I think, my deep deep love for the gothic, and certainly for Tim Burton. I donned her look by putting my hair into braids and walking around with a solemn/sour face. My parents did not appreciate it, hehe. I've had a lot of style icons since then, but I always come back to Wednesday. She was just so flawless, your know.




alison said...

I love Wednesday, and Christina Ricci did play her so perfectly! I need to re-watch all the Addams Family movies! Great post! <3

❤Cate❤ said...

Me to I love Wednesday she was my idol as a kid. People used to call me Wednesday to and after all these years occassionally still do xoxo

Anonymous said...

I also love Wednesday!
And just I start to wonder if we're actually the same person, you and I, you mention loving Tim Burton! My favourite director of all time!
xox Allanah

Emily said...

Alison - Thank you, I'm so happy you liked it. You should re-watch them for Halloween, I sure intend to!

Cate - Jealous! What I would have done for people to tell me that, haha!

Allanah - Tim Burton is the best! ;D

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