Thursday, September 23

Vi två är saknade te havs.

Remember this last April, when I first got my Diani Mini for my birthday? Gosh, how I've used it! I brought it to New York this summer, and experimented with both color and b/w film. And I photographed my friends, and the cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården this spring. But I haven't been able to show you any of this stuff, because our scanner broke down just after I got the Mini, and it's been broken since. So a couple of days ago Kristofer and I went and bought this new shiny magical box that is a printer as well as a scanner/film scanner/copy machine! I'm very excited, because now I can show you guys both my Diana Mini shots and lots of other fun stuff. And I'm starting out with these, the first photos I even took with the Mini back in April. Gosh, it was sooo cold! I know I still need a lot of practice, but I kind like these even though they're very point-and-shoot. Can't wait to show you more!




Kirstin said...

Love these! I enjoy the old vibe they have!

lavelle said...

i love these and look forward to seeing the rest of your film photographs xx

Emily said...

Kirstin - Yes, that's thanks to the Diana Mini, which is a vintage style camera.

Lavelle - Didn't you get a Diana too, or did I just make that up? If you did, I wanna see yours too! :)

Lotte said...

LOVE these!

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