Wednesday, September 22

Om att färdas genom dig.

Right now it feels like I'm travelling very fast, and my life is a blur punctuated by random incidents. Gosh, I can't really explain it, and it sound so lofty and pretentious. But I can't really grasp the feeling neither. All I know is this: I like it. And I like you guys, so thanks for being so great.




Petros said...

Blir nog lätt så, känner något dylikt! Nyflyttad till Stockholm, söker jobb, massa saker händer hela tiden, det är ju... Ja. Fantastiskt på något sätt.

Horchata Café said...

"See Emily Play" is my favorite song of David Bowie! I love the picture! I didn't know about your blog and... I love it!

Emma said...

Hey there
I'll seem like a stranger but I've read your blog for a long time and I really like you and what I understand to be your philosophy of life. So like, rock on and all x

Emily said...

Petros - Visst är det så. Välkommen till Stockholm!

Horchata Café - Yay! Welcome!

Emma - That's very nice, thank you. I suspect some times that there are a few of you that I seldom get to "see", because you read but don't comment. (That's okay though, I'm just happy you like to come here.) Rock on, sweetie. I hope you're day's a good one. ;)

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