Saturday, September 18

Trivialiteter av tyngd.

Okay. Remember this summer, when I couldn’t stop obsessing about getting a boater hat. And I did , and I loved it, and we still have this great love story that will continue next summer (or maybe on a not too windy autumn day). Well, now I have a few new obsessions that are getting to me. These are the (small) things I’m dreaming of right now…:

+ a red velvet dress. After seeing Joan in a red dress on this season’s Mad Men (the one that makes her look like a present, you know) I can’t stop thinking about red dresses. I’ve managed to find loads of red dresses, but either they’ve been just poor quality, or they’ve been the wrong color red. Really, I never stopped dreaming after this.

+ a ditto petrol blue velvet dress. Oh, it would be so dreamy.

+ a black pleated skirt. Now, here’s the thing: when I was fourteen I thrifted the most perfect pleated black skirt. I still use that skirt, a lot. The problem is that that ten years of constant wear is starting to show, and it’s time to find a successor to it. And since pleats are very “in” this season, I thought it would be an easy feat. But no.

So, I need your help. Keep and eye out for me, if you see anything like the items above, ‘kay? I know, and you know, that you are great and awesome. So I trust you’ll help me, just like you guys helped me with the boater hat issue. Because I could say that clothing is trivial and yada yada, but that would be such a lie. At least when it concerns pleated skirts and red velvet dresses, right? ;)




maria said...

try these? not quite perfect but on the way? xx

maria xxx

Anonymous said...

och ett inlägg inför morgondagens val?

Emily said...

Maria - Seriously girl, could you be more amazing? This is definately a contender:
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous - Självklart, det kommer imorgon! :D

lavelle said...

I'll keep my eyes open for you!

I've wanted a blue velvet dress since I saw this one on Hannah Metz about a year ago. I want this exact dress!

And I have an obsession with pleated skirts too. I really want a navy or grey pleated skirt this autumn


ingrid said...

haha! alla saker du plockade ut på br i fredags bara för att sen hänga tillbaka dem! vilken fin blogg du har förresten! <3

Emily said...

lavelle - you should check out gant, they have a really gorgeous knitted-like pleated skirt this season (it comes in grey and navy)!

ingrid - tack fina! men alla de där sakerna vi hittade på br var liksom... bara på gränsen till perfekta. :) det är bara att leta vidare...!

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