Tuesday, September 14

River ner en vacker dröm.

Photos from Stockholm University last October.

Good things right now:

+ Anticipating crisp, cold autumn mornings and long walks under the red-glowing trees.
+ Fantasizing with Kristofer about the dachshund (Arthur Miller) that we are going to buy some day. Where we will take him for walks and where he will sleep.
+ Reminiscing about cold days and nights in Berlin. About drinking green beer and getting drunk in the bathtub and dancing until dawn in secret night clubs and sumptuous breakfasts at our favorite café.
+ Carefully, thoughtfully building a home with the person I love.




lavelle said...

Your good things are very good things indeed

I cant wait until the trees are red and orange and yellow


Amanda said...

Beautiful, din blogg är helt underbar :)

Chelle said...

Love your blog. Your good things right now list is poetic and your pictures are beautiful :)



Lisa said...

lovely höstpictures!

ottilia - f o t o said...

Underbara bilder!

Barbara said...

this colors are so pretty!

Emily said...

lavelle - i know, it's the best time. and then the leaves fall off, and everything gets sad and grey... :(

amanda - du är underbar!

chelle - thanks for all you kind words darlin'!

lisa, ottilia and barbara - <3 <3 <3!!!

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