Wednesday, September 15

Fragment att samla på.

I hate the days when I'm forced to choose between my camera and something else (like my laptop, or a bunch of heavy books) to bring with me for a day. Without it, I feel a little lost and confused, like I can't really be as perceptive as I usually am. Probably because I see so many things every day that I want to photograph, and when I can't it kinda feels like a loss. Fortunately, today I didn't have to choose, and these are some of the things I didn't have to miss.




lisa said...

så vackra bilder!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. And especially the feeling you always seem to catch.


nadja said...

Jeg synes dine bybilder er noe av det fineste som finnes.

mlle.emma said...

Wow you are so beautiful, your life really is like a fairytale, bon weekend, emma in Paris

Emily said...

lisa - tack fina!

helka - thats very nice, thank you!

nadja - oj, tack så jättemycket!

mlle. emma - thank you darlin'! but my life is not very fairytale-like, even if i wish it was... ;)

mlle.emma said...

Well it seems very nice nevertheless!

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