Monday, September 27

Jag är inte pojken jag brukades vara. Den här stan har tagit min ungdom ifrån mig.

Today I'm channeling the boy in me through Kristofer's old Burberry shirt and my new camel brouges.




Lisa said...

du är ju så himla vacker!

❤Cate❤ said...

Love your hair today xoxo

Emily said...

Lisa - Men söta, tack!

Cate - It really is the best I-don't-have-time-or-strength-to-wash-it-but-I-don't-wanna-look-like-a-slag hairdo! Maybe I'll make a tutorial for y'all some day if anybody's interested. ;)

Anna said...

Tjoho! Jag heter Anna och söker massvis utav personer runt om i landet som gillar att skriva! Nu har jag nämligen precis satt igång ett projekt där jag skall göra en novellsamling bestående av endast magpirrande kärleksnoveller! Så kolla hemskt gärna in min blogg om du vill veta mer ♥

lavelle said...

what a coincidence! I am channelling a boy today also! i am wearing jeans (for the first time in about a year!) with a white striped tee shirt and a vintage mens burgundy cardigan and heeled brogues.
i love your hair like this!

Iss said...

I know this blog isn´t abut beuty tips or so.
But I kneed to know which brand of eyeliner you use.

You are so beautiful

Emily said...

Lavelle - Your outfit sounds lovely! I like how, since I never wear trousers or jeans, I feel boyish when I actually put on pair. Don't you feel the same way? :)

Isa - Check out my make up tutorial and you'll find out everything, here:

auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

I think it looks good!

fanny said...

Sluta vilka fina skor. Jag dör!

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